Hello, it`s me Apolka. A list of things I Stockholm, fashion designer: Sandra Backlund, singer: Lykke Li, music band: Those Dancing Days and shopping at H&M. 

Hey there, it`s me Polett. A list of things I London, fashion designer: Vivienne Wesywood, model: Twiggy, actor: Colin Firth and indie music!

Hola, it`s me Zelma. A list of things I Barcelona, fashion designer: Alma Aguilar, actor: Javier Bardem, store: Custo, movie: Vicky Christina Barcelona, music: Manu Chao and eat candy Happy Pills!

Coucou, I`m Mirtill. A list of things I Paris, fashion designer: Sonia Rykiel, actor: Jean Reno, movie: Amelie and eat chocolate mousse!

Ciao, my name is Nati. Alist of things I Milan, fashion designer: Prada, film: Cinema Paradiso, singer: Paolo Conte and pasta!